I Can’t Quit Social Media. How will I stay informed?!!!

by | May 4, 2017 | Social Media

Where will I find friends?!!!

I believe that we all understand that time is a commodity that we just can’t get back. I think we can also agree that social media for some of us consumes the majority of our FREE time or SPARE time or DOWN time. All of which is just a play on words. I think this video has a lot of merit to it and for those of us who have been thinking of getting rid of our social media accounts or at least putting them on hold for a while, this might just be the discussion you need to hear to give you that push to make the decision to take that step.

I believe for those who are fighting with anxiety, negativity, self worth and self esteem issues, this needs to be consider as one of the outside sources that is contributing to increasing those feelings in a consistent manner and not allowing you to work through the healing and growing process because of all the noise from your social media accounts that never goes away. I think that Dr. Newport has a valid point for most of us when he states that our brains are being reprogrammed and not in a good way. That all the information that is being collected from us in our social media accounts are being analyzed and used against us not for us.

Take the time to listen and then decide not only for you but for your children as well. Do you really need all those social media accounts? Do they? If so, how are you going to change how you manage your time being in those accounts? What’s the purpose of those accounts? Who are those accounts really benefitting? Could you go without those accounts for 3 months? Are you willing to give them up for 3 months and see how different or not different your life and business is? The only true way to see that is to close down the accounts and then keep a journal of everything that happens over the next 3 months in order to see the changes that occur. I know the first 2 weeks will be difficult, but you can do it if you really want it bad enough.


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